What Questions To Ask When Purchasing a Walk-In Tub in Colorado Springs

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Investing in a walk-in tub can do wonders for your mental health because it can provide you with relaxation. It can also give your home an extra flair that not all homes have. These are some questions you should ask the sales specialists when you are considering buying a walk-in tub in Colorado Springs.

What Are the Tub’s Precise Measurements?

The question you should ask should pertain to fitting a walk in tub. In other words, you need to know how long, wide, and high the tub is so that you can figure out if and how it fits into your bathroom. Therefore, the measurement questions should be some of the first you ask regarding the tub. 

How Much Does the Installation Cost?

You’ll need to know the general labor cost to install your tub. That way, you can prepare for the expense. Ask the provider whether they charge by the hour or if they have a flat rate they charge for such work. You can prepare much easier if they use a fixed-rate system. 

Is There a Warranty?

It’s a good idea to inquire about any warranties they might offer you. Warranties give you protection for a certain amount of time after you receive a product or service, and your question needs to include both.

You should ask how long a warranty is on the product, but you should also ask if they offer warranties on the service. When covered under a warranty, you can have your tub fixed or re-serviced if anything goes wrong within the warrantied time frame. 

Can I Add Safety Features?

Another question you might want to ask the provider is whether your walk-in tub will have any safety features. If the standard model does not have any safety features, perhaps you could add some. For example, your tub might have a slip-resistant material that will prevent you from falling. 

Does the Tub Have Therapeutic Features?

One more question to ask is whether the tub has therapeutic features. Any features that can help your body to relax after a hard day’s work or help you eliminate an existing issue will be good for you.

Examples of therapeutic features may include microbubbles or chromatherapy. Newer tubs come with many helpful features, and they can have them added as well. 

Will I Be Able To Lie Down?

You might want to know if you can lie down and fully relax in the tub. You’ll need to ask the provider if that will be possible in the tub you purchase. Some units are wide enough to do that, but you’ll need to ask if you want to be sure yours will give you that option. If not, you can request a tub that’s larger in capacity or size.

What Size Should the Water Heater Be?

You may want to inquire about the water heater and what size you will need for your tub. That way, you can be certain that you’ll always have enough hot water for your bathing venture. 

Those are some of the top questions you should ask before purchasing a walk-in tub in Colorado Springs. You will think of additional questions as you go through the answers with the provider. 

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